Solution To Idea Error Running 'Application': Command Line Is Too Long

## problem When a new project is started in Idea, sometimes an error is reported ``` Error r…

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Idea:Error Running ' Xxx ': Command Line Is Too Long. Shorten Command Line For Xxx

## error An error is reported when running IDEA: ``` Error running 'XXX': Command line is to…

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Solution For: Error: Java: Compilation Failed: Internal Java Compiler Error

## Problem Description Error message: ``` Error:java: Compilation failed: internal java comp…

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@Setter @Getter Is Invalid When Idea Uses Lombok

## Problem Description The program can run normally The editor interface prompts that the cla…

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Error Running : No Valid Maven Installation Found. Either Set The Home Directory In The

## reason and solution The error is: Your maven has not been modified. ![maven](https://st…

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Intellij Idea Reported Could Not Autowire. No Beans Of'xxxx' Type Found

## 1\. Problem description In Idea’s spring project, I often encounter the error message “Could …

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Error Creating Bean With Name ‘Configurationpropertiesbeans‘

## problem phenomenon When the SpringCloud system is built in IDEA, a red error is displayed whe…

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Idea Set Error And Warning Prompt Color

## error color File--->Settings --->Editor --->ColorScheme--->General --->Errors and Warning--->…

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Can Be Replaced With Method Reference Less

## IDEA prompt ``` CAN Be Replaced with Method Reference Less can be replaced by less code ``…

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