Runtime Error: Invalid Memory Address Or Nil Pointer Dereference

## problem Pointer Basics ``` package main import "fmt" func main() { var p *in…

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Solve Docker Running Standard_Init_Linux.Go:219: Exec User Process Caused: Exec Format Error

## error Using mac M1 build image, running on linux report  ``` standard_init_linux.go:219: …

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Etcd Error: Context Deadline Exceeded

## etcd error ``` {"level":"warn","ts":"2021-09-28T11:39:51.788+0800","logger":"etcd-client","c…

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Go: How To Use Native Log To Implement Debug, Info, Warn, Error Log Components

Don't talk nonsense, show you my code ## **main.go** ``` package main import ( "fmt"…

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Golang Distributed Asynchronous Task Queue Machinery Tutorial

There are not many distributed task queues in Golang. At present, Machinery should be the only one …

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Go's Slice Working Mechanism

How does slice work? First, let's start with a demo: ``` package main import ( "fmt" ) …

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Go: Use Closures To Simplify Database Operation Code

In daily engineering, we may have to open affairs to complete some operations, so there will be the…

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Zap Error Of Golang

This article mainly studies the zap error of golang. ## error zap@v1.16.0/error.go ``` va…

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