How To Realize Two Divs Scrolling Synchronously With One Scrollbar

## html ```plaintext <div id="div1"> // code... </div> <div id="div2"> // code... </div>…

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Vue Error: Text Xxx Outside Root Element Will Be Ignored.

## descritpion About Vue error:  ```plaintext Error: text XXX outside root element will be i…

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Error: No Files Matching The Pattern "/Xxx/Xxx/..." Were Found.

## description Use `.stylelintignore` to add ignore file verification. When lint-staged executes…

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How To Locate Content With The "A" Tag In Html Page

When making web pages, we often encounter the need to add side navigation, and click the navigation…

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Css: Set The Hyperlink Font Color And The Font Color After Clicking

CSS has prepared specific tools for some special effects, which we call "**pseudo-classes**". Sever…

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Css: Two Ways To Set Non-Overlapping Borders (Single-Line Borders) For Tables

When we encounter the situation of setting a border for the table, the effect is always not up to e…

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How To Make A Box Of Unknown Width And Height Align Center (Horizontally) And Middle (Vertically) Css

Two methods were found: ## case 1: ```css <div style="width:400px;height:200px;background:#0…

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Css: Control The Style Of Scrollbar

## **how to show scrollbar in html** we firstly need to know how to show scrollbar, this is cont…

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