Python replace all blanks in text with commas

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In scientific computing, the conversion of input data file format is a frequently encountered problem. Due to the non-standard input methods of data input personnel, various types of tabs (\t), mixed spaces, etc. are more common problems. Here is a small example. The example reads a text file (txt), which contains data similar to the following format:

date     d1  d2,   error  ave   name
2017/1/1   nan nan  nan  nan nan
2017/1/2nan nan   nan    nannan
2017/1/3  nan  nan  nan  nan    nan

These data are separated by blank characters, but the blank characters include spaces that are not empty multiples, and some also include tabs, which brings difficulties to further data analysis. Now through python string functions, regulars, etc. The application converts the data format to the standard CSV format. code show as below:

example 1

import re
f2 = open('Rn.csv', 'w')
with open('data1.txt', 'r') as f1:
    for i in f1:
        # The string i is divided into a list of characters with all blank characters as separators
        line = re.split('\s+', i) 
        # Combine the character list with',' into a new string
        new_line = ','.join(line) 
        # Remove the',' from the end of the new string
        new_line = new_line.strip(',') 

The data format in the converted Rn.csv file is as follows:



ls = open("../material/procrank.txt").readlines()
newTxt = ""
for line in ls:
    newTxt = newTxt + ",".join(line.split()) + "\n"

fo = open("../material/procrank.csv", "x")
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