TortoiseSVN submitted an error Error: Malformed svndiff data in representation

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When submitting the code today, there was a file submission failure with the following error

Error: Malformed svndiff data in representation

First, I checked on the Internet and found that there was not much relevant information. One person said that it was caused by damage to the server data.

The strange thing is that the file is normal after recheckout and download, and no damage is found, but it still reports an error after retrying multiple submissions.

It is estimated that it is related to the difference data of svn, and the difference data should be stored in the svn database file.


The solution is also very simple,

After the file is backed up, delete and submit (that is, delete the file record on the server), restore the file (equivalent to recreating a new file), and submit.

created at:10-19-2021
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