Win xp installation software reports "Error 1324"

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Install a certain software on the xp system of the virtual machine, an error is reported during the installation process, the specific information is as follows

Error 1324. The path My Documents contains a invalid character

The general analysis is that: the path of My Documents contains illegal characters or the path of my documents is not recognized by the installation program. Reading the wrong literal information is the problem of illegal characters. As for the existence of the second situation, I am skeptical

There are also situations encountered by netizens
The value of [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\Personal] is incorrect. This registry entry is the path of my document, which is generally located in the C drive, and netizens found it to be the D drive. My situation is different from netizens, the value of Personal is "%USERPROFILE%\My Documents", there is no problem. The strange thing is the other two variables:

Cookies: D:\My Documents\Cookies
Favorites: D:\My Documents\Favorites

Don't think about it, this xp system is likely to be a private self-made version. Obviously the second variable should be the source of the problem, because ordinary software does not involve Cookies. As for the xp installed on the virtual machine, the allocated hard disk is originally small, and there is no partition, so the D drive is naturally not stored. Change the value of Favorites from "D:\My Documents\Favorites" to "C:\My Documents\Favorites" and install it normally.


This is an example of an error message with open eyes and nonsense. Once helped a colleague find a bug, he was curious, how do you know to start from here, the log information indicates not here. I said: I didn't know at the beginning, but when I found that the error message was not right, I looked elsewhere.

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