error:A JNI error has occureed

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Java error

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error: A JNI error has occureed


Reason: This problem is caused by the java class file compiled by the higher version of the JDK trying to run on the lower version of the JVM.

method one:

Ensure that the versions of jvm (java command) and jdk (javac command) are the same. If it is the windows version, enter the java -version and javac -version commands on the command line to check whether the versions are consistent.
If the versions are the same: please see method two.

If the versions are inconsistent: modify the environment variable ClassPath,
Then delete the unnecessary version in the system and uninstall it.
Restart, delete javac, generate *.class (* represents the name of the main class), and regenerate it.

Method Two:

If they are all the same, but still can't solve the problem, then you must not use javac to compile directly on the command line, but use compilers like eclipse and netbeans to compile. Because many compilers come with javac instead of using the compiler in the operating system. If your compiler is eclipse, then you need to set the jdk version in the properties of the project by

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