Supervisor: Error: Cannot open an HTTP server: socket.error reported errno.EADDRNOTAVAIL

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 vim /etc/supervisord.conf

Modify the configuration file
Remove the comment of the [inet_http_server] module
And modify the default IP, username and password


After the modification is complete, reload the configuration file:

supervisorctl reload

At this time, it is found that the supervisor service has stopped, systemctl status supervisord view the status:

supervisord status

This situation is generally caused by an error in the configuration file:
Note that the address behind the port is not the local address, such as It refers to the supervisor who can access the server. If it is not filled in, anyone can access it. For example, you can directly change it to port= :9001, and then reload it.

 supervisorctl reload
 systemctl start supervisord

If it is set to be accessible to everyone, you can now access on browser.

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