Debug Error: abort() has been called

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When debugging the program today, there was no problem. After debugging several times, it suddenly popped out Debug Error: abort() has been called.

Debug Error: abort() has been called

After sorting out and checking the information online, it was found that the problem was reading the data. Sometimes it is a double slash in the file path. There is a section of my code that reads "test1.tif", and the other section is the output result, the name is also "test1.tif". Therefore, the original file is overwritten.
Change the output name and it will be no problem.


After cutting a tif file with ENVI, the above error was reported in the opencv part. After a long time of entanglement, I found that the wrong picture could not be opened by double-clicking it, and! ! ! ! The most important thing is that there is no image information in the right-click property details! ! !

Later, it was discovered that after envi used resize_data to crop the picture, it could not be directly saved as a .tif, and it was necessary to output the .enp file first. Then click file->save as to save the picture, otherwise there may be a lack of band information, causing problems in reading or processing the picture. The output picture can be double-clicked to open, and opencv will not report an error.

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