Django Server Error (500) a solution because of using Ueditor

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When debugging the Django project on line, it is found that the Server Error (500) is displayed when adding data to a database in a database. . . But everything is normal when adding data to other tables.

Used UEDITOR, sometimes this problem will be encountered.

Solution steps:

  1. Remove the project to Alibaba Cloud to change to TRUE
  2. Restart the project and continue to insert data to the table, view error: render() got an unexpected keyword argument 'renderer'
  3. This error is due to the use of Ueditor,
  4. Release the 93rd line of /usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages/django/forms/ file

After completing the above steps, restart the project. Bomb! ! !

created at:06-25-2021
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