Install netmap in centos8

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netmap configure

When we use the ./configure command in the LINUX folder of netmap:

./configure --drivers=igb

You will find the following errors:

********************************** WARNING **********************************
*** There were problems building the external driver igb.
*** Please note that this is not related to the netmap patches,
*** that were not applied.
*** Disabling igb.

I searched the entire network and failed to find a solution to this problem. Later I learned that configure will use a certain version of the driver file by default. For example, igb will use igb- by default. You can see from the output of configure:

**********************************  NOTE   **********************************
*** We are trying to download the original sources for driver
*** igb using the following command:
***   test -e /root/Download/netmap-master/LINUX/ext-drivers/igb- || wget
*** If this fails, please download the above file and put it
*** in /root/Download/netmap-master/LINUX/ext-drivers/, then run configure again.

If there is this file, use this file, if not, perform automatic download.
But configure can actually specify the version, let's go to download the latest igb-5.7.2.tar.gz, and then put it in the ext-drivers folder, specify the method:

./configure --drivers=igb --select-version=igb:5.7.2

This can solve the problem of error reporting.

netmap make

After executing the make command, it displays:

[root@localhost LINUX]# make
test -e /root/Download/netmap-master/LINUX/ext-drivers/igb-5.7.2.tar.gz || wget -P /root/Download/netmap-master/LINUX/ext-drivers/
tar xf /root/Download/netmap-master/LINUX/ext-drivers/igb-5.7.2.tar.gz && ln -s igb-5.7.2/src igb
patch --quiet --force -p1 < patches/intel--igb--5.7.2;
/bin/sh: patches/intel--igb--5.7.2: No such file or directory
make: *** [netmap.mak:90: get-igb] Error 1

The error prompts that there is no intel--igb-5.7.2 file in the patches folder of LINUX. Check it with ls and find that there is indeed no:

patches folder

Now I don’t know where these patches files came from. I didn’t find anything in Google, but vim checked a few such files starting with igb and found that the content was basically unchanged, so I just copied an intel--igb--5.5.2, then changed the name to intel--igb-5.7.2, make again, and found it passed. Then execute make install.

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