Insufficient memory (Out of memory) in function cvAlloc ...

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What does this mean when I am playing AE? 

This problem has never occurred before. Is there a way to solve it? By the way, what is the relationship between AE and OPENCV? Will opencv be used?

Insufficient memory (Out of memory)in function cvAlloc,
..\..\..\..\..\shared\third partyopencv legacy\1xycxcore\srclaxalloc.cpp(111)

Press "Abort” to terminate application.
Press "Retry" to debug if the app is running under debugger).Press "Ignore" to continue (this is not safe).


This problem is obviously that the application failed when the program wanted to apply for memory. It means that the memory occupied by the program has reached the upper limit.

Verification test

When the problem occurs again, you can open the task manager of the system to see if the memory occupied by the AE process is very large. If the AE process is 32-bit (there will be words like *32 after the process), then at this time, the memory occupied by it is close to 2G.

possible reasons

  1. Program bug, there is a memory leak in the program code, if you keep applying for but not releasing it, it will reach the upper limit sooner or later. The AE you mentioned, if it is the official version, such problems should be rare.
  2. The program does need so much memory, but it can't apply for it. If this is the case, it will generally only appear in 32-bit programs, because on the Windows system, the maximum memory limit for 32-bit processes is only 2G. You need to open the task manager and check if there is a word like *32 behind the AE process you opened. If so, please change to the 64-bit version.
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