ubuntu open proxy HTTP error and PROXY error to solve

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Generally, the HTTP error in conda install is the source of the problem. If the default source is the source of the University of Science and Technology, it will be fine.
However, after changing the source, it can be used normally without opening a proxy.
After opening the proxy, HTTP error and PROXY error may appear again.


Ctrl+H to display hidden files, find the .condarc file in the home directory
Add the following three lines, you need to change the user name, proxy host name, and proxy port number.
I don’t know if you can check it with the command env | grep -i "_PROXY".

# example
    http: http://juling:pass@
    https: http://juling:pass@

This method is not easy to use, because the ssr agent often hangs up, and there are frequent changes, which is too inconvenient.
Moreover, it is troublesome to switch ssr proxy automatically. Here, I recommend a Google browser to insert switchyOmega, which can automatically switch the browser.
You can use proxychains to download the terminal using proxy. You will know when you click on Baidu.
Now let Trojan proxy, turn on PAC automatic mode, there is no such situation. The trojan agent is really easy to use, stable and convenient!

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