How to Decompile apk

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Github address of decompilation tool jadx

Install the jadx program

1. Install using brew

Homebrew is abbreviated as brew. Homebrew is a software package management tool under the Mac OS platform. It is very convenient to help us implement many useful functions such as installation, uninstallation, update, viewing, and searching. A simple instruction can realize package management. Homebrew's official website clearly introduces the installation and basic usage.

Homebrew installation command:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

The installation is complete

installation is complete

Common brew commands:

  • brew update //Update Homebrew, it is recommended to run it every time you use it
  • brew search xxx //Check if there is this software
  • brew install xxx //install software
  • brew info xxx //View the main information of the package
  • brew upgrade //Upgrade all packages that can be upgraded
  • brew upgrade xxx //Upgrade a software package
  • brew remove xxx //Uninstall the package

Install jadx

brew install jadx

2. Download the program directly

Or enter the download page:

Download the program

After the download is complete, enter bin/jadx-gui to open the program:

open the program

Open the apk file that needs to be decompiled and view the code:

Open the apk file

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