Django django-registration automated registration

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Install django-registration

pip install django-registration


django-registration will use Django's original auth, so it is necessary to ensure that there is no problem with the part of auth user authentication.

Parameters set by


This parameter represents the account activation time is 7 days

url(r'^account', include("registration.backends.hmac.urls"))

Templates and text files required by django-registration

Note: All templates and text files must be placed in the registration folder under the templates directory. All required templates and text files are shown in the table:

Template or file name description of purpose
registration_form.html the web page that displays the registration form
registration_complete.html the information page displayed after completing the registration form and clicking the "Submit" button
activation_complete.html the page that will be displayed when the account is successfully activated
activation_email.txt the email content used when sending activation emails
activation_email_subject.txt the email subject used when sending activation emails
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