How to change the theme of TeXstudio

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When deciding the appearance of TeXstudio, we have five parameters to adjust, we can check them under Options -→ Configure TeXstudio … -→ General:

  • Style
  • Color Scheme
  • Font
  • Font Size
  • Language

among them, the Style and Color Scheme decide the color of entire GUI of TeXstudio.


Style has 5 options:

  • default
  • Windows
  • Fushion
  • Adwaita (txs)
  • Adwaita dark (txs)

for example, if your prefer a dark theme, you can choose Adwaita dark (txs) mode:

Color Scheme

This parameter can be used to adjust the color of the border color of dialogs in TeXstudio's GUI.

There are three color schemes:

  • classic
  • morden
  • morden dark

the classic is white, whereas morden and morden-dark both show dark color (don't know why):

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