how to reopen the Structure box of TeXstudio after closing accidently

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The structure box can be very useful sometimes because it shows us a tree structure of our documents. However, sometimes it can also occupy too much space (especially when we edit in a small window). So learn how to open and close this box quickly would be useful for us to write more effectively.

If you happen to close your structure box in TeXstudio, how to reopen it again?

show structure again

at the top bar menu, choose view-->show-->Side Panel

choose this option and your structure will show again.

add a shortcut for opening/closing Structure

if you wish to open and/or close the Structure box conveniently, you can add a shortcut for this action:

  1. at top menu bar Options-->Configure TeXstudio...
  2. choose Shortcuts
  3. unfold the Menus until you see Side Panel
  4. double click under the Current Shortcut column to type into your keyboard shortcut

Note: In order not to conflict with the existing shortcuts of TeXstudio, I choose Ctrl+F12 as my switch for the Structure.

created at:05-25-2021
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