Carrying parameters when django uses paginate for paging

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In django, when using paging, the paging URL needs to carry parameters, such as:

When I turned the second page, when I used the get request, I found that there were no parameters in the URL. I want the URL that appears when I click on the link on the next page:

Actually, when I use the get request, I only get the page parameter in the end, and none of the other parameters are carried.


from urllib.parse import urlencode
from django import template

register = template.Library()

def url_replace(context, next_page):
    if query.startswith('page') or not len(query):
        new_url = f'page={next_page}'
    elif '&page=' in query:
        get_params = query.rpartition('&page=')[0] # equivalent to .split('page='), except more efficient 
        new_url = f'{get_params}&page={next_page}'
        new_url = f'{query}&page={next_page}'
    return new_url


<a href="?{% url_replace page=paginator.next_page_number %}">
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