Error:"This virtual machine appears to be in use"

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I woke up and used the virtual machine in the morning and found that it could not be loaded. What's strange is that 7 virtual systems are installed. Only Linux can work, but other windows can't work.
The error that appears is:

This virtual machine appears to be in use.

If this virtual machine is not in use, press the "Take Ownership" button to obtain ownership of it. Otherwise, press the "Cancel" button to avoid damaging it.

Configuration file: D:\VMos\win7x86\Windows 7.vmx.

Following its meaning, I clicked take ownership, but this result appeared

Could not open virtual machine: D:\VMos\win7x86\Windows 7.vmx

Taking ownership of this virtual machine failed.

The virtual machine is in use by an application on your host computer.

Configuration file: D:\VMos\win7x86\Windows 7.vmx.

I thought it was occupied by a process, and then turned off all vm-related processes, and they couldn't be opened.


finally found a solution.
In an article, the author said:

There is a virtual machine disk lock file called lck in the vm, which is used to protect the physical disk used by the current virtual machine from being overwritten. When the virtual machine interface program is turned off, the lck file will be automatically deleted by the virtual machine, which means that it is a correct exit at this step.

I finally knew the reason, and I shut it down forcibly last night. The result of the virtual machine is that the virtual machine is not allowed to unlock the disk lock, which is the lck file. When the virtual machine program is started next time, the virtual machine program finds that there is an lck file under vmos, thinking that the virtual machine has been opened. Then, you will not be allowed to open it repeatedly.

Then, the solution is very simple. Just delete the lck file.

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