Uninstall IE window.onload: Error: An error has ocurredJSPlugin.3005

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After upgrading the IE browser, many developers press F12 to open the DOM Explorer of IE, and find that it cannot be used. The reason is that you jumped to upgrade the IE browser, for example: Upgrade from IE8 to IE11 or Upgrade from ie8 to ie10, etc., ie's DOM resource manager cannot be used, and an error will be reported:


Exception in window.onload: Error: An error has ocurredJSPlugin.3005

Stack Trace:

Error: An error has ocurredJSPlugin.3005 at getString
(res://C:Program FilesInternet
ExplorerF12Resources.dll/23/pluginhost/plugin.f12.js:5021:27) at
ToolWindowHelpers.loadString (res://C:Program FilesInternet
ExplorerF12Resources.dll/23/Common/CommonMerged.js:5803:13) at


If you upgrade step by step, there is no problem. For example, if you follow ie9 to ie10 and then ie11, there is no problem.
So the solution is here. Microsoft's official website gives a patch to fix this bug. Go to the following address to download the patch and install it:
Solution: Install the Windows7 patch: KB3008923;


http://www.microsoft.com/en-u... (32bit)

http://www.microsoft.com/zh-C... (64bit)

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