Unity:[Package Manager Window] Error searching for packages.

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After using UnityHub to create a new 3D project, without any other operations, the title error is reported.



Find the mainfest.json file in the new project. project->package->mainfest.json.


Delete the mainfest.json file. After deletion, reopen the project, this file will be automatically generated again, and compared with the source file, there is one less line of dependencies. So you can also take the approach of deleting this line to solve this problem.

one less dependency


Reopen the newly created 3D project. Found that the error disappeared and the problem was solved. Open the package/ file of the project again and find that the deleted mainfest.json file is back. One line less dependencies than the previous json file.

After solving the problem, I added this line of dependencies into the json file again, and the project did not report an error. Closed and reopened the project still no error

created at:08-26-2022
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