Keil Error: Flash Download failed - “Cortex-M7“

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1. Problem description

I got a set of 32 programs developed by others. When I want to download the board, the Load error is as follows:

Load “…\OBJ\Template.axf”
Erase Done.
Programming Done.
Contents mismatch at: 08000040H (Flash=FFH Required=6FH) !
Contents mismatch at: 080000D5H (Flash=FFH Required=66H) !
Contents mismatch at: 080000D6H (Flash=FFH Required=01H) !
Contents mismatch at: 080000D7H (Flash=FFH Required=08H) !
Contents mismatch at: 080000D8H (Flash=FFH Required=6FH) !
Contents mismatch at: 080000E3H (Flash=FFH Required=08H) !
Too many errors to display !
Error: Flash Download failed - “Cortex-M7”
Flash Load finished at 16:25:07

2. Problem Analysis

This is because we have not downloaded the firmware package of the chip, or the current chip firmware package version is too old to support downloading programs to the current board.

3. Problem solving

(1) First determine what board the program is written on, and click "Pack Installer" to check the chip status

pack installer

(2) Here my model is STM32H743II, which determines the content that needs to be retrieved when looking for the Keil firmware package on the website.


(3) download

To download from the official website, click the blue hyperlink in the Summary above to enter the download address corresponding to the chip. The URL corresponding to my chip is:

The official website should be this:!#eula-container


In the above picture, click "Device Family Pack"->"Download", you can see the download sign in the lower left corner. But the but! Anyway, after a long time, the progress is still 0.0, maybe because the download from the external network is very slow, this method is suitable for students with better network conditions to download.

(4) The last step is to install, follow the prompts to install step by step

4. Operation results

Re-run the program, it can be compiled normally

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