PyQt6 install and start Qt designer

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By default, PyQt5 or -6 won't install Qt Designer for us, we need to install another package called pyqt5-tool. Although from the name we know this package is developed for PyQt5, don't worry, PyQt6 can also use it.

Install pyqt5-tool

Switch to our terminal, and use pip to install pyqt5-tool:

(venv) E:\project\FluidIML> pip install pyqt5-tools

Run Qt Designer

Something to be noticed here first is: the previous version of pyqt5-tool put the designer.exe under a path like:


answers with this path can still be seen on stackoverflow.

However, if you read the update information of pyqt5-tools on Pypi, it's structure has been changed.

Now you may find the designer.exe under directories like:


to start Qt designer, you can simply go to this path and double click the designer.exe executable file.


also in our terminal:

(venv) E:\project\FluidIML> venv\Lib\site-packages\qt5_applications\Qt\bin\designer

qt designer interface

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