ConnectionError: Error 10061 connecting to

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When using python to connect to redis The following problem occurs:

ConnectionError: Error 10061 connecting to Could not connect because the target machine actively refused

This is a critical bug fix release for Redis on Windows 3.0. If you are running a previous version of 3.0 in a cluster configuration you should upgrade to 3.0.504 urgently. The fix resolves a problem with the cluster fail-over procedure.

This released is based on antirez/redis 3.0.5 plus Windows-specific fixes.

release note


If you only need to start via redis-cli in the command line interface

D:\Redis> redis-cli> shoutdown
not connected> exit

or redis-server.exe

D:\Redis> redis-server.exe

If you only need to install it in the visual interface, find the installation path and double-click the redis-cli.exe file

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