DBeaver reports an error when connecting to oracle: Undefined Error

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If your configuration file and parameters are correct, try these methods 1. Modify the dbeave.ini file in the installation directory and add -Duser.name=Test to the last line 2. Close the software, first check whether the orcale service and monitoring are enabled, then right-click the software and select administrator mode to open it, if not, change the administrator account of the computer user. 3. If the above can't be solved, just download the lower version.

step 1

Find the directory where DBeaver is installed and open dbeaver.ini with a text editor

step 2

Add -Duser.name=Test to the last line, save


step 3

Open it as administrator, reconnect, and click Test Connection to succeed.

Supplement: When connecting to the sys user, you need to write: sys as sysdba, or select sysdba in the role

sys is the super user of the database. Many important things in the database (data dictionary tables, built-in packages, static data dictionary views, etc.) belong to this user. The sys user must log in as sysdba.

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