How to deal with Nativelink error in QuartusII

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Many people use QuartusII will appear nativelink error error, let me briefly explain the possible reasons and methods.

Error screenshot:


reason 1

The path to Modelism is not added

Click Tools-->Options-->General-->EDA Tool Options to add the path, click Modelism to select the path, but add it to the win32/win64 folder when adding.


D:\course\modelism\anzhuang\win64\ , similar to this.

reason 2

There is a non-English path (you can check at the top above the menu)

If you can see that there is a non-English path at the top, remember to change the path to full English, otherwise it will make an error.

reason 3

unknown reason

There may be other reasons, but someone has provided a way to say "run as administrator", which may be useful. You can also try it.

I have tried the first two methods, both of them work, and finally they can be started normally.

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