C++ compile liteflownet3: #error You need C++14 to compile PyTorch

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Recently, I have been tinkering with the optical flow network. I have used someone else's liteflownet before, and now I have updated it to liteflownet3, so I gitted to play.


After finishing, I encountered a compilation problem The problem is as follows, this is only the previous part of the

error: #error You need C++14 to compile PyTorch

I looked everywhere for a solution, but there is no one that can be solved directly. Later, I read the following setup.py file and found the following part

cxx_args = ['-std=c++11']

I read something like C++14 in the article, and there is only 11 here, I wondered if it was a problem with this thing (I don't know how to compile...), and then I changed it to the following , this part of the error is no problem.

cxx_args = ['-std=c++11', '-std=c++14']
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