iOS submission review app Transporter delivery error could not download

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When submitting an app using the Transporter tool, the delivery error says could not download.

First open the error display log. You will get some information:

<main> ERROR: could not download The directory: /Users/XXXX/Library/Caches/, is currenly locked by another process: 43307 (computer process pid)


There are two processing methods:

1. delete .lock

Via /Users/XXXX/Library/Caches/ path entered obr, checked the hidden files, and deleted the hidden files ending with .lock. Restart Transporter.

2. Exit the Java process

Open the activity monitor, find the corresponding computer process pid (such as 43307 mentioned above), which is a java process, exit the process and restart the Transporter.

created at:06-03-2022
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