hive - FAILED: Error in acquiring locks

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Error log

FAILED: Error in acquiring locks: Lock acquisition for LockRequest(component:[LockComponent(type:EXCLUSIVE, level:TABLE, dbname:dw, tablename:dim1, operationType:INSERT, isAcid:false), LockComponent(type:SHARED_READ, level:TABLE, dbname:ods, tablename:ds_data2, operationType:SELECT), LockComponent(type:SHARED_READ, level:TABLE, dbname:ods, tablename:dim3, operationType:SELECT)], txnid:0, user:airflow, hostname:hubserver1, agentInfo:airflow_20190731065910_5be6e4a9-8e33-4b8d-aa0b-aa778cca3105) timed out after 5503478ms. LockResponse(lockid:69648, state:WAITING)

After careful analysis, it was found that the operation failed because of the lock of lockid:69648.

hive lock

There are two types of locks in hive, Shared (S) and Exclusive (X). Take the above log as an example, the original SQL executed is probably

insert overwrite table dim1 (bus_date='2019-07-29') select * from data2 t1 left join dim3 t2 on;

The two tables read are both S locks, and the inserted dim1 is X locks. Operations that only trigger s locks can be executed concurrently. As long as an operation initiates an x lock on a table or partition, the table or partition cannot execute jobs concurrently.



Add the following statement to the error Sql

set hive.txn.manager=org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.lockmgr.DummyTxnManager;
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