How to install geopandas in windows

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Today, I finally successfully installed geopandas under the windows system, I am very happy

I used conda install pandas or pip install geopandas to install before but get errors all the time.

I read the official documentation today, it's very simple, it's done soon, happy!


The method used is to create a new environment and build everything in the new environment to avoid many conflicts. . .

Anaconda Prompt

Open the run interface under Anaconda Prompt under Anaconda

# create a new environment
conda create -n geo_env 
# activate the new environment
conda activate geo_env 
conda config --env --add channels conda-forge
conda config --env --set channel_priority strict
# install geopandas
conda install python=3 geopandas 

There should be a y/n in the middle, install it directly with y, and then go all the way down. .

The time is a bit long, and finally done appears, indicating that the installation is complete, then conda list to see if there is any, and try to import, no error means OK.

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