Vue: Error loading PostCSS config: Invalid PostCSS Plugin found: [0]

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error message

Error loading PostCSS config: Invalid PostCSS Plugin found: [0]

Reinstalling various vue packages, and looking for more than a long time of articles, all of which are to re-download the vue dependency package, what package conflicts are messed up, and none of them solve my problem.


Later, I accidentally saw the document on the official website of node, and instantly knew what the problem was. It turned out that my node version was too high, and windows did not support such a high version.

The official documents are very clear about which version of the system to use. For details, please refer to the following official documents:

github node-sass

If you encounter the above abnormal prompt, you may wish to check whether your node version matches your operating system.

Please downgrade node to the corresponding version

Then enter the command:

npm rebuild node-sass

Try running your project again

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