“An error occurred while starting the kernel“ when open Spyder

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Record – Appears when Spyder opens

"An error occurred while starting the kernel"

Spyder reports

AttributeError: type object 'IOLoop' has no attribute 'initialized'


I searched for the method on the Internet, as follows:

method 1

Restart spyder: the command is spyder --reset

tried it, but "An error occurred while starting the kernel" still appears.

method 2

Typed conda update spyder ipykernel tornado pyzmq in the terminal

Tried this too, still giving error

method 3

According to the following article, I tried it and finally solved it successfully. It is said that the tornado version is too high. I checked that my version is 6.0, so I uninstalled the original version and reinstalled a lower version.

pip uninstall tornado
pip install tornado==4.5.3:
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