Ray windows: factory = REGISTERED_FACTORIES[prefix] KeyError: ‘C‘

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When I saw that there are so many types in the ray_results folder, and the names seem to be listed on the side of the config, I wonder how the Windows naming files can be like this. .

As a result, I got an error today. Since I am using a remote system, it is not easy to switch the system to ubuntu. I can only abandon the ray.

The error is as follows:

    factory = REGISTERED_FACTORIES[prefix]
KeyError: 'C'

This error leads to the next error:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\Users\\asus\\ray_results\\trainOneParameter_2022-03-19_14-18-12\\trainOneParameter_5aebe_00000_0_attn_drop=0.28154,attnscore=softmax,depth=1,drop=0.83844,embedding_dim=16,ifRes=0,lr=0.00019577,mo_2022-03-19_14-18-12\\events.out.tfevents.1647670692.DESKTOP'

I put the first error-reporting code snippet above on the github site to find it. There was only a single-digit issue. I easily located it on the issue of tensorboardX, and further researched, the high probability is the file. Invalid naming results in an error.

But the strange thing is that it was normal to run for the first time this morning. The above error occurred when I ran it for the second time this morning, during which I adjusted several config parameters and other details in the code. Therefore, this error may also be due to other reasons, or due to the adjustment of the code, the file name given by the subsequent ray is not in the Windows taste.

But I didn't have time to dig deeper, so I turned to other more stable tools. Record the error here and leave it for future generations to solve.

created at:03-21-2022
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