solution for Jupyter kernel error

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step1: First check whether this problem occurs, and use the following tips to see if you have a file name mismatch.

  • Use the jupyter kernelspec list command to see if the jupyter kernel is the correct one
  • If incorrect, use jupyter kernelspec remove kernelname to remove the kernel
  • Install the kernel using python -m ipykernel install --user

step2: If there are no errors:

The problem may be a version conflict, which can be found on the Anaconda environment page, jupyter version 1.0.0.

Simply uninstalling is useless. Follow the steps below to do so. Open the Anaconda prompt and run the following command:

pip uninstall jupyter -y
pip uninstall jupyter_core -y
pip uninstall jupyter-client -y
pip uninstall jupyter-console -y
pip uninstall notebook -y
pip uninstall qtconsole -y
pip uninstall nbconvert -y
pip uninstall nbformat -y

After the operation is completed, reopen Anaconda Navigator, no need to install jupyter again, open it directly, you can see that the kernel error mark disappears, and the problem is solved.

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