problem when use HBuilder X to run sass plugin

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When I wrote a small program project today, compiling sass reported the following error

21:11:27.818 [0;31m--> LibSass binary (E:\Program Files\HBuilderX\plugins\compile-node-sass\node_modules\node-sass-china\vendor\win32-ia32-72\binding .node) is missing, please execute the following 3 commands to download the corresponding version of the binary file: (This error may be caused by the Node version change) [0m
21:11:27.820 mkdir -p E:\Program Files\HBuilderX\plugins\compile-node-sass\node_modules\node-sass-china\vendor\win32-ia32-72
21:11:27.833 cd E:\Program Files\HBuilderX\plugins\compile-node-sass\node_modules\node-sass-china\vendor\win32-ia32-72
21:11:27.834 curl -o binding.node
21:11:27.837 [0;31m--> MacOS, Unix/Linux Please use sudo [0m

I know that there is no such file, I have to download the file

Then I went to google to find out if there were any related issues, and found that several articles also had errors:

Their solution: enter the following command in the terminal to see which version of the binaries we need to download:

node -p "[process.platform, process.arch, process.versions.modules].join('-')"

my result:


The result is win32-x64-93, but I didn't download it because I couldn't find it.

Then I downloaded the highest version of win32-ia32-59_binding.node in v4.7.2 and replaced it with binding.node, but get a lot of running errors.


v4.72 is preceded by a major version number 4, it is not a major update, there should be no version incompatibility problem: I found win32-ia32-72_binding.node in v4.12.0:


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