Error starting ApplicationContext

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Problem Description

Today, the project started reporting an error. I encountered this error. I checked it on the Internet and found that many people said that if the pom.xml adds the dependency of the relevant data source, you need to write the corresponding configuration in the configuration file, otherwise it will It will report an error, but after checking it myself, I found that it is not the case. I have already written the relevant configuration, but it still reports an error.

Error starting ApplicationContext~ etc.


Combining with the problem of project startup error reporting before, I thought about checking the project structure, because once I encountered a down project that used the jdk11 that came with idea, I couldn’t start the error report. As a result, I drove in, and it really was. After changing the jdk11 to 1.8, there is no problem in restarting it. It is hereby recorded.


1. Click to open the project structure

open the project structure

2. Change the SDK used by the project inside to jdk1.8 and the project syntax check to jdk8, and then apply.

Change the SDK


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