Error: 2036 (CR_UNSUPPORTED_PARAM_TYPE) Message: Using unsupported buffer type: %d (parameter: %d)

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When the server started today, the initialization failed, and the 2036 error of mysql was prompted. The specific description of this error is:

Message: Using unsupported buffer type: %d (parameter: %d)

reason and solution

An unsupported buffer type was used. This problem came suddenly. The previous server never reported this kind of error. Then I used navcat to access the database, and executing the same query command returned success, so the database can be excluded here. its own fault. But this error is also very strange. If it is an unsupported buffer type, it should be exposed early in the development phase. At this time, the error is reported, is it caused by the difference of the version? I carefully checked the file directory of the server and found that the dynamic link library of mysql seems to be a bit abnormal. In my impression, there should be two library files, but there is only one in the current directory. I asked other developers, and he told me, He updated the server in the morning, emptied the directory and copied all the files in his directory. Then, this problem occurred. I put the correct library file in, and the problem was solved smoothly.The reason is that the dynamic link library does not work. correct.

The server can also be started when the incorrect mysql dynamic link library version is used, but the query results cannot be obtained correctly.

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