NextJS:Warning: Prop `href` did not match. Server: "blogs/8" Client: "/blogs/8"

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Got this error in my blog index page. The strange thing is, I haven't noticed this problem before because everything is rendered normally into HTML.


From the warning we know that there are some problems on the path we provided as href of a Next Link.

let's check.

<Link href={'blogs/' +}>

here we provided blogs/ as the path, since it arises a problem, we try /blogs/

then the problem disappeared.

very strange, because according to the warning:

  • Server: "blogs/8"
  • Client: "/blogs/8"

our original href is blogs/ + id, but it says the client is /blogs/8

now we changed to /blogs/ + id, there is no problem?

anyway, the problem solved.

created at:02-01-2022
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