[shell] Real solution for: syntax error:unexpected end of file?

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Today, I wrote a long shell script with a lot of nested structures. When I finally ran it, the error syntax error: unexpected end of file appeared.

I have encountered this before, and it often occurs when the win system transfers the script file to the unix system, but this time I wrote it in the Linux environment, and this problem does not exist, and it is useless to change it. About system file format conversion:

dos2unix #command line
:set ff #View the system format of the file in vim
:set fileformat=unix #Change the system file format to unix in vim

I checked the Internet and found all the answers with the wrong file format!


Finally found a suggestion in StackOverflow: Count the number of if...fi and for...done is not the same. Because the structure is more complicated, I really found a fi missing somewhere, and finally solved it.

created at:01-19-2022
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