How to turn off SIP on Mac?

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For Mac OS 10.11 and above, Apple introduced SIP (System Integrity Protection) under the core for the security of the system environment, also known as the Rootless mode mechanism. To upgrade or re-brush the device, the mechanism must be turned off to operate. Therefore, we must To turn off SIP.

Press and hold the ++command+R++ key to enter recovery mode. Or hold down the Option key and select RecoveryHD in the boot selection menu that appears to enter recovery mode

  • Click Utilities > Click Terminal

  • Enter the command in the terminal: csrutil disable and press Enter to execute, note that there is a space in the middle.

returned result

  • Enter the command reboot in the terminal to restart the computer, or click the Apple logo and click Restart.


  • To query the SIP status, enter the command in the terminal: csrutil status and press Enter

check the status

  • To restart and enable SIP, enter the command in the Mac OS terminal: csrutil enable and press Enter.
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