Spring boot startup error Error starting ApplicationContext (Failed to configure the data source)

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Failed to configure a DataSource:'url' attribute is not specified and no embedded datasource could be configured.

Failed to configure the data source: The url attribute was not specified, and the embedded data source could not be configured.

Error starting ApplicationContext. To display the conditions report re-run your application with 'debug' enabled.
2019-06-03 09:47:45.300 ERROR 23160 --- [           main] o.s.b.d.LoggingFailureAnalysisReporter   : 



Failed to configure a DataSource: 'url' attribute is not specified and no embedded datasource could be configured.

Reason: Failed to determine a suitable driver class


Consider the following:
    If you want an embedded database (H2, HSQL or Derby), please put it on the classpath.
    If you have database settings to be loaded from a particular profile you may need to activate it (no profiles are currently active).


Spring boot will load the org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.jdbc.DataSourceAutoConfiguration class by default. The DataSourceAutoConfiguration class uses the @Configuration annotation to inject the dataSource bean into spring. Because there is no configuration information related to dataSource in the project, an error will be reported when spring creates a dataSource bean due to lack of relevant information.

Two solutions

1 Add to the Application class


2 Configure the data source:

For example, in the application configuration file:

spring.datasource.url=jdbc:mysql://ip:[port number]/[database name]?useSSL=false&useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=utf8&serverTimezone=GMT%2B8
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