use wiget to install node.js in centos

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you can check archive for versions you'd like.

then you can download with wget like bellow:



tar -xvf  node-v8.0.0-linux-x64.tar.xz

Test whether the installation is successful

Enter the bin directory under the unzipped directory and execute the ls command

cd node-v8.0.0-linux-x64/bin && ls

There should be node and npm.


./node -v

you will get your version number of node.js.

Successful installation

make npm and node global

Now node and npm cannot be used globally, lets make a link

ln -s /www/node-v8.0.0-linux-x64/bin/node /usr/local/bin/node

ln -s /www/node-v8.0.0-linux-x64/bin/npm /usr/local/bin/npm

Now you can execute node and npm commands in any directory


You can check the environment variable echo $PATH

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