how to plot scatter plot with python seaborn package

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seaborn is a package specially used for statistical data visualization, comparable to the ggplot2 package in R language. This article introduces the use of seaborn to draw scatter plots.


  • python3.9
  • win10 64bit
  • seaborn==0.11.1
  • matplotlib==3.3.4
  • pandas==1.2.1


import seaborn as sns
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# Settings
pd.options.display.notebook_repr_html=False # Table display
plt.rcParams['figure.dpi'] = 75 # resolution
sns.set_theme(style='darkgrid') # theme

load data

# change path to your own data path
   total_bill   tip     sex smoker  day    time  size
0       16.99  1.01  Female     No  Sun  Dinner     2
1       10.34  1.66    Male     No  Sun  Dinner     3
2       21.01  3.50    Male     No  Sun  Dinner     3
3       23.68  3.31    Male     No  Sun  Dinner     2
4       24.59  3.61  Female     No  Sun  Dinner     4


In seaborn, the functions for drawing scatter plots are scatterplot and relplot.
The easiest way for seaborn to draw a scatter plot is to use the scatterplot method, specifying the data parameter and the x and y parameters.

# Scatter chart


Add the hue parameter and set the group color of the points.


Add the hue parameter

Add the style parameter to set the grouping style of points.


Add the style parameter

Add the size parameter to set the grouping size of points.


Add the size parameter

You can set multiple parameters of hue, style, and size at the same time:


set multiple parameters

The faceted scatter plot is drawn by the relplot method, you need to set kind="scatter", and then use the col, row parameters to facet.

faceted scatter plot

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