ERROR: Cannot uninstall 'llvmlite'. It is a distutils installed project.

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reason for the error

This is a distutils installation project, so we cannot accurately determine the file belonging to the file, which will only cause a partial uninstallation.

Generally, the version you install is a new version, and you need to uninstall the old version, but because you can’t uninstall it completely by directly using pip uninstall+ library name, the most rude way is to delete the old version of the file directly.


Go to anaconda3→Lib→site-packages, find the corresponding old version file, and delete it directly.

For example, the problem I encountered: ERROR: Cannot uninstall ‘llvmlite’.

Enter site-packages, find the file llvmlite-0.23.1-py3.6.egg-info, delete it directly and it will be OK


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