[MERFISH Error Collection] Error 1 Cannot find libgrid.dylib

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OSError: dlopen(/Users/ncc-1701-enterprise/Documents/MERFISH_analysis/storm-analysis/storm_analysis/c_libraries/libgrid.dylib, 6): image not found


According to this error Track back, find the source of the error:

~/Documents/MERFISH_analysis/storm-analysis/storm_analysis/sa_library/loadclib.py in loadCLibrary(library_filename)

     62         library_filename = 'lib' + library_filename
     63         library_filename += '.dylib'
---> 64         return ctypes.cdll.LoadLibrary(os.path.join(c_lib_path, library_filename)

The filename here points to the file storm_analysis/sa_library/grid.c, and it seems to generate a .dylib file from this file.

Using gcc to generate dynamic library .dylib will solve the problem!

gcc -c draw_gaussians.c -o draw_gaussians.o
gcc draw_gaussians.o -dynamiclib -o libdraw_gaussians.dylib
#That's it, generate it. Dylib is ok when moved to the specified folder, don't hesitate.

#Or the two can be integrated into the same command
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